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Read this before your first walk:


Step 1: The responsibilities of a walkr

  1. If you are booked for a walk, you must service the walk.
  2. Keep your availability on Acuity up to date.
    1. If something changes with your schedule, edit your Acuity calendar to prevent unserviceable walk bookings. Instructions described in step 4 below.
    2. If you have a very erratic schedule, we recommend setting your availability weekly or even morning of.
  3. Walkrs cannot cancel or reschedule a walk without approval from PW corporate.

Step 2: Have a car charger with you

The walk process will drain your battery quickly if you are not careful. Many walkrs have gotten stranded in the city without a phone on their first day, so charge your phone between walks.

Step 3: Set up your Acuity account

A) Remember to always keep your availability up to date. You may change your hours at any time, but you must service all the walks you are booked for. Failure to do so will result in docks in pay and eventual ejection from the platform.

B) You as a walkr should never reschedule, or cancel a walk that is booked on your account. There is no exception to this.  

Step 4: Check your Google Calendar settings

Make sure your Google Calendar matches the appointments on the Scheduling Website. Check that the two match in both the number of appointments and appointment times.

Step 5: "How do I get paid?"

Your first payment will be sent to you on the Sunday night after you've completed 10 walks on the platform.

(We cannot send payment before this because pay is deposited directly to your bank account. And this value needs to be above a certain dollar amount. )

Once you have completed your first 10 walks, an email will be sent to you with instructions on how to set up your direct deposit.


All following payments will be deposited weekly on Sunday night, regardless of the # of walks you complete that week.

Step 6: Understanding the different types of collars

You will see various collars and harnesses on your walks. It is important that you understand how each of them work so your dog is securely fastened into them. 


Step 7: Click here once all steps on this page have been completed: