The Life of a Dog Walker

As told by Caden @PupWalkr


This is part 2 of our post with Caden. I recommend you read part 1 first (here).

In our last post, Caden left us with this:

“Initially, I thought walking dogs would be a pretty normal, if not boring job. I have learned that I could not have been farther from the truth!
I love walking dogs, but I have enough strange stories to fill a novel.”

“Strange stories” he said.

And strange stories he had.

“What strange stories are you talking about?”
“Oh gosh, I don’t even know where to start!


“Well, there was the time when I first met Maverick the boston terrier.
“He got so excited when I tried to leash him that he flipped on his back and peed out of excitement… And all this somehow landed on top of my head and shoulders.
“I freaked out and tried to wash my hair and arms in the sink, which didn’t work too well.
Haven’t done that to Maverick since.”



“Another time, I was walking Guinness, and a guy stopped me to compliment Guinness.
“All fine and normal, but then he tried to sell me drugs.”



“Then there are all the times that I didn’t realized the owners were home.
“I read a lot of scientific articles about dogs, and studies show that dogs really enjoy when people talk to them, even if they don’t know what is being said…
“So, I talk to the dogs I’m walking when no one is around. A lot.
“It’s always weird when the owner walks in on me chatting with their dog.”



“One time, I had a guy approach me while I was walking Dion the Weimaraner.
“Asked if I would be willing to walk dogs under the table — like there’s some sort of black market for dog walking.
“He wanted me to do appointments outside of PupWalkr for cheaper than he would pay through PupWalkr.
“He was much more insistent than the drug dealer and I didn’t like that. I said no.”


“Once, an owner told me to feed them and then cut the walk short. I thought that meant to walk them for less than 30 minutes, not to feed them and then immediately leave.
“She told me I had to leave early ‘so her husband wouldn’t see me,’ which I found very odd.
“As I was leaving, her husband saw me pull out of the driveway as he was pulling in.
“I mentioned this to my boyfriend, who guessed that maybe the owner claimed to be walking her dogs as a cover for going to see a secret lover while I actually did the dog walking. And because I was seen, the husband found out that his wife was not actually walking her dogs.
“It isn’t my business, but to this day, I’m not totally certain that I didn’t ruin a marriage…”
“These are just a few of the stories I’ve accumulated while working for PupWalkr.
“Overall, I’d say walking dogs is a lot more interesting than I thought it would be.”

There you have it. The life of a walkr at PupWalkr.

“Thanks Caden. Close us out please.”

Stop trying to sell Caden drugs, y’all.

[But you do want to buy drugs, you definitely shouldn’t check out the PupWalkr site]