The Kids Who Started PupWalkr

A backstory that literally nobody asked for




Alex and I first met in the 4th grade. Heckin handsome.

There were some awkward teenager years in there.

Shout-out to Alex’s date

Then college. Georgia Tech.


Alex studied Finance to have a successful career.

And I study Industrial Engineering because my sister told me to.

Careers before PupWalkr

After college, Alex and I got an apartment together in Buckhead. Two young guys with high paying jobs — where else were we supposed to live.

He worked as a Suntrust Investment Banker, and I started as a data analyst+business dev+operations+warehouse manual laborer combo.


Shout-out to bread

This was a busy time for us both. Get home at 2am. Pass out. Back in the office by 8. Those of you that work a salaried job know what I’m talking about.

Working for money to buy the stuff we didn’t need.

No time for anything outside of work.

So right around here is when we got the greyhounds who later became the inspirations for PupWalkr.


Why we got them:

[*Standing in the adoption house*]

Alex: “So should we get one?”
Me: “I’m thinking two.”
Alex: “Two??”
Me: “Yeah man. How much harder could taking care of a 2nd dog be?”

Turns out, way hard.

Quitting our jobs

I lasted 18 months at that company. And because it was my first real job, it’s hard for me to say how bad it really was there. But either way, I had quit and started working on PW.

3 months later, Alex joined. I only had to beg him a little.

We converted our fancy Buckhead apartment into an office, and were off.

May 2015.

What we’ve done so far

3 years of PW later, and the company still lives on.

32,000 walks done. 200 Walkrs hired. Still working non-stop.

(meaning mostly Alex)

In our time at PupWalkr…

We’ve pitched at startup events:

They only peed twice in the studio.

Our lives now

Today, I manage the provider side. Finding them, training them, and posting their pictures online without permission.


Alex finds all you lovely people that want the service. Including the 24/7 email and phone support.

So this is who we are

Two friends from elementary school, a development team, 2 advisors, 1 marketing pro, Alyssa the Customer Success Manager to help us survive emails, and an incredible team of Walkrs that braves Atlanta’s traffic every day.

We all work like mad to bring you the absolute best in us.

So I hope it’s been worth it.