Meet the Walkr (#3): Hannah M

The PupWalkr Mom

[This is a followup to our previous post on The First Four Walkrs]

“Hannah! What are you up to now?”

“I am a vet tech for Noah’s Bark Mobile Vet and also at Belle Isle Animal Hospital in Sandy Springs!”


“Anything you miss about PupWalkr?”

“Oh man, you should ask WHO I miss most. My buddy Deuce ❤.️ I walked him every week for almost a year and I miss him all the time!
“But I loved the flexibility of scheduling with PW, it allows for so many other possibilities like multiple jobs, going to school, going to the gym, doctors, etc.. Literally it was an AWESOME job.”

(It’s an unspoken rule amongst our team that we don’t pick favorites. But whatever.)



“Anything you didn’t like about PupWalkr?”

“I mean no one wants to walk in 95 degree July but that’s just if I’m reaching for a negative haha.”

Shameless plug: did you know PupWalkr also takes care of cats?!

“What are you up to these days?”

“Now? I am just a married full time vet tech with 2 fur kids that I spoil way too much. If I’m not working I am on the lake.”

If you want to try and fill Mom’s shoes, come apply for her spot in our company here.

And if you want people to come and love on your dog animal, visit us at the PupWalkr Site!