Meet the Walkr (#2): Hannah L

[This is a followup to our previous post on The First Four Walkrs]



“Hey Hannah! What have you been up to since PupWalkr?”

“I’m in the Peace Corps now! I’m living in Senegal”

*Google Break*

The Peace Corps is a volunteer organization that sends its 7000+ members to help out all over the planet. The things they do range past what I can explain here so that’s all you get.

And because I needed one, here’s a reminder of where Senegal is:



Hannah not actually in this picture…

“So what are you doing there?”

“I’m working to help out a small rural village of ~2000 with health issues. And here that means malaria, basic hygiene, and malnutrition.”


Hannah with her host sisters

“Do you miss anything about PupWalkr?”

“I definitely miss the dogs the most! People don’t have pets here like we have in America.
“The pets they do have are usually “useful” animals, likes cows, chickens, or goats, which can provide milk, eggs, and meat. Some of the volunteers I know have been able to find puppies and adopt them, so I’m still holding out hope!”


“What do you not miss about PupWalkr?”

“I don’t miss having to go out in the rain or the cold… When the weather is bad here, people just wait it out inside, which is wonderful.”


Thanks, Hannah.

And while you’re off saving the world, I’ll be here. Writing blog posts.

[If you’re interested in finding out more about the Peace Corps, don’t click here. That’s just a link to the PupWalkr site where you can get your dog walked while you sit and read all of these blog posts.]