Meet the Walkr (#1): Caden C

Let’s creep on the walkrs

Now… I know you all like looking at those walkr pictures on our site (link). I also know you all like reading the random stuff I write about them on that page. But apparently that’s not enough for some people.

So continuing with this blog’s mission of breaking the 4th wall, let’s start a new series.

Meet the Walkr” will feature various walkr interviews and convince you to let these strangers into your home, completely unsupervised, and touch your dog.

Why have a meet and greet when you can read a blog post about them, amiright?!

Let’s start here:

Ladies and gentlemen meet Caden.

“Caden, tell us about yourself.”
“I am a senior at Georgia Tech. I am majoring in International Affairs and minoring in Global Development.”
“Any hobbies?”
“I collect all sorts of video games! My oldest console is an original Atari from 1980.
My favorite is either my Nintendo GameCube or my Nintendo 64.”
“What is something you want strangers on the internet to know about you?”
“I am the biggest dog person you will ever meet!
I rescued my own dog in March of 2016. She is my pride and joy! I even have an entire Instagram page devoted to all my pictures of her!”

If in the mood for creepin:

“What is your favorite memory with PupWalkr?”
“Literally every memory of meeting a new dog! I love having the chance to walk new dogs.
Each dog has such a unique personality and I’m always happy to get to know a new dog!”
“How have things in your life changed since you started working with PupWalkr?”
“Other than adopting my own dog, not much has changed! I am still working on my degree at Georgia Tech, only now I am closer to graduating!”
“What’s something you’ve learned in your time at PupWalkr?”
“Initially, I thought walking dogs would be a pretty normal, if not boring job.
I have learned that I could not have been farther from the truth! I love walking dogs, but I have enough strange stories to fill a novel.
Every time I tell my mother anything about work, she tells me I should do standup and talk about all the weird things I have experienced while walking dogs.”

Note: Caden has an entire post (coming soon) dedicated to these stories. He does not know about the post so read it before he makes me take it down.

“What is some advice you’d like to give to the new walkrs starting out?”
“No two dogs are alike. Make sure you are trying to get to know the dogs you walk so that you remember how to interact with them in the future.
You have to be able to adapt to meet the needs of each dog you care for. It’s an extremely rewarding job, and the dogs really appreciate you!”
“What is your least favorite thing?”
“People who deny the existence of Bigfoot.”

Long live the king


Thanks as always for the awesome work you do Caden.

Find Caden (and others) at the world famous PupWalkr Site