PupWalkr Announces Second Location to Receive Free Dog Walking Service

David Choi

PupWalkr LLC.




PupWalkr Announces The Second Location to Receive Free Dog Walking Service

On-Demand Dog Walking Company Experiences Rapid Growth Among Luxury Apartments


Atlanta, GA: Today, PupWalkr LLC., an Atlanta based on-demand dog walking and pet sitting service, announced that they have selected the 2nd apartment complex to offer their dog walking as an amenity to its residents. After seeing the massive increase in lease rates that their first location (Anthem on Ashley) had with the amenity, PupWalkr will now be launching as the dog walking and pet sitting amenity for its second location, Millworks, in West Midtown. The service will be provided completely free to both the complex and its residents for the first 2 months after launch.


From the recent expansion, PupWalkr Co-Founder David Choi said, “With the number of apartments being built steadily rising, many brands are finding it harder and harder to differentiate themselves amongst the competition. Everyone has a pool. Everyone has high-speed internet. To truly differentiate, we feel that integrating services such as pet sitting into a building will be the next big wave for luxury brands. And our partners at Matrix Residential seem to be one of the first ones in the market to acknowledge this.


To successfully launch its service at a second location, PupWalkr planned and executed the following tactics:

  1. After seeing the growth of apartment complexes in Atlanta, PupWalkr decided that their service could offer a unique way for new and old apartments to differentiate in their ever-more competitive environment.

  2. By curating their services to help luxury properties increase both new leases and renewals, they were able to generate a lot of interest from various brands.


About PupWalkr LLC.: PupWalkr is an on-demand dog walking and pet sitting company based in Atlanta, GA. Founded in 2015, PupWalkr has completed over 32,000 walks with 0 incidents to date. PupWalkr won the Worldpay Challenge in ATDC’s 2017 FinTech Hackathon.

The Kids Who Started PupWalkr

A backstory that literally nobody asked for




Alex and I first met in the 4th grade. Heckin handsome.

There were some awkward teenager years in there.

Shout-out to Alex’s date

Then college. Georgia Tech.


Alex studied Finance to have a successful career.

And I study Industrial Engineering because my sister told me to.

Careers before PupWalkr

After college, Alex and I got an apartment together in Buckhead. Two young guys with high paying jobs — where else were we supposed to live.

He worked as a Suntrust Investment Banker, and I started as a data analyst+business dev+operations+warehouse manual laborer combo.


Shout-out to bread

This was a busy time for us both. Get home at 2am. Pass out. Back in the office by 8. Those of you that work a salaried job know what I’m talking about.

Working for money to buy the stuff we didn’t need.

No time for anything outside of work.

So right around here is when we got the greyhounds who later became the inspirations for PupWalkr.


Why we got them:

[*Standing in the adoption house*]

Alex: “So should we get one?”
Me: “I’m thinking two.”
Alex: “Two??”
Me: “Yeah man. How much harder could taking care of a 2nd dog be?”

Turns out, way hard.

Quitting our jobs

I lasted 18 months at that company. And because it was my first real job, it’s hard for me to say how bad it really was there. But either way, I had quit and started working on PW.

3 months later, Alex joined. I only had to beg him a little.

We converted our fancy Buckhead apartment into an office, and were off.

May 2015.

What we’ve done so far

3 years of PW later, and the company still lives on.

32,000 walks done. 200 Walkrs hired. Still working non-stop.

(meaning mostly Alex)

In our time at PupWalkr…

We’ve pitched at startup events:

They only peed twice in the studio.

Our lives now

Today, I manage the provider side. Finding them, training them, and posting their pictures online without permission.


Alex finds all you lovely people that want the service. Including the 24/7 email and phone support.

So this is who we are

Two friends from elementary school, a development team, 2 advisors, 1 marketing pro, Alyssa the Customer Success Manager to help us survive emails, and an incredible team of Walkrs that braves Atlanta’s traffic every day.

We all work like mad to bring you the absolute best in us.

So I hope it’s been worth it.



Meet the Walkr (#3): Hannah M

The PupWalkr Mom

[This is a followup to our previous post on The First Four Walkrs]

“Hannah! What are you up to now?”

“I am a vet tech for Noah’s Bark Mobile Vet and also at Belle Isle Animal Hospital in Sandy Springs!”


“Anything you miss about PupWalkr?”

“Oh man, you should ask WHO I miss most. My buddy Deuce ❤.️ I walked him every week for almost a year and I miss him all the time!
“But I loved the flexibility of scheduling with PW, it allows for so many other possibilities like multiple jobs, going to school, going to the gym, doctors, etc.. Literally it was an AWESOME job.”

(It’s an unspoken rule amongst our team that we don’t pick favorites. But whatever.)



“Anything you didn’t like about PupWalkr?”

“I mean no one wants to walk in 95 degree July but that’s just if I’m reaching for a negative haha.”

Shameless plug: did you know PupWalkr also takes care of cats?!

“What are you up to these days?”

“Now? I am just a married full time vet tech with 2 fur kids that I spoil way too much. If I’m not working I am on the lake.”

If you want to try and fill Mom’s shoes, come apply for her spot in our company here.

And if you want people to come and love on your dog animal, visit us at the PupWalkr Site!

A Quick Guide: The Best Leash, Collar/Harness Combo for Your Dog

(Opinions of an amateur dog walker)

Disclaimer: I’m not qualified to write this. These are all my personal opinions, and not backed in any way by research or science. If my words here negatively affects your life in some way, please do not sue me. This is a blog article.

So let’s read it and have fun. Remember when people used to have fun?

Not making you read to the bottom to get the answer. Here’s best combination in my opinion.

The Best: A Flat Collar + Flat Leash



And if you have a dog with a neck bigger than its head, use a martingale and a flat nylon leash.

Martingale collar

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the other types on the market.

Collars & Harnesses

1. Front Clip Harness


People seem to get these for dogs that pull. I’ve seen them work some of the time. But sometimes get crossed over the dog and end up on the wrong side.

Make sure you get one that actually fits your dog, then adjusted it to them.

(And don’t get the weird ones with 15 straps that go all over the dog. Those are confusing to your Walkrs.)

Like, I’m sure this is good for something. But it’s embarrassing for your dog and your Walkr.

2. Back Clip Harnesses

These are nice if your dog likes to try and slip out of their normal flat collar.

But can sometimes form a bad habit of pulling.


So unless you’re training your dog for the Iditarod, I’d say go for a front clip.

3. Prong Collars

Ok. So these things.


Some trainers like them. Others don’t. American Kennel Club claims they’re useful for some situations.

All I’ll say is that I don’t use them on my own dogs.

4. Gentle Leader

Also known as a head halter. Or an easy walk harness. Or a snoot loop.


I like these. They seem to work well in pointing your dog’s snoot where you want it.

But if adjusted too loosely, the sneaky ones will slip out of these. Which isn’t terrible, since it becomes a pseudo-flat collar at that point.


1. Flat Leash

Again, this one’s the best in my opinion. It’s a rope.

They also come in leather. A bit more stiff but basically the same thing. And a bit more stylish?



2. Slip Leads

These are good for getting a leash on and off of a dog very quickly, but not for every day use.


I personally only use them to quickly leash a first time dog without getting my hands too close to their face.


Aside from this specific use, I’m not really sure what they’re for.

3. Retractable Leashes

I hate these.


They give very little control over the dog and are a nightmare if you’re walking several.

And if your puppo takes off running when on one of these, our options as Walkrs are to either lock the leash and abruptly choke the dog, or grab the leash and rope burn the dickens out of our hands.


They break all the time too…

But if you’ve got a good doggo, then it’s not really a problem.

Closing Thoughts

Stick with the traditional leash and collar.

Lot’s of the weird collars & harnesses on the market are made to help train your dog. So you should use them to leash train your pupperito until they can walk on a regular flat leash and collar.

There are exceptions to this rule I’m sure. But a leash trained dog won’t need anything more. Probably.

If I’ve made any mistakes on this post, please do let me know so I can correct them for future readers.

And if you hate everything I wrote, you definitely shouldn’t go to the PupWalkr website. Because I wrote stuff on there too.

Meet the Walkr (#2): Hannah L

[This is a followup to our previous post on The First Four Walkrs]



“Hey Hannah! What have you been up to since PupWalkr?”

“I’m in the Peace Corps now! I’m living in Senegal”

*Google Break*

The Peace Corps is a volunteer organization that sends its 7000+ members to help out all over the planet. The things they do range past what I can explain here so that’s all you get.

And because I needed one, here’s a reminder of where Senegal is:



Hannah not actually in this picture…

“So what are you doing there?”

“I’m working to help out a small rural village of ~2000 with health issues. And here that means malaria, basic hygiene, and malnutrition.”


Hannah with her host sisters

“Do you miss anything about PupWalkr?”

“I definitely miss the dogs the most! People don’t have pets here like we have in America.
“The pets they do have are usually “useful” animals, likes cows, chickens, or goats, which can provide milk, eggs, and meat. Some of the volunteers I know have been able to find puppies and adopt them, so I’m still holding out hope!”


“What do you not miss about PupWalkr?”

“I don’t miss having to go out in the rain or the cold… When the weather is bad here, people just wait it out inside, which is wonderful.”


Thanks, Hannah.

And while you’re off saving the world, I’ll be here. Writing blog posts.

[If you’re interested in finding out more about the Peace Corps, don’t click here. That’s just a link to the PupWalkr site where you can get your dog walked while you sit and read all of these blog posts.]

The Life of a Dog Walker

As told by Caden @PupWalkr


This is part 2 of our post with Caden. I recommend you read part 1 first (here).

In our last post, Caden left us with this:

“Initially, I thought walking dogs would be a pretty normal, if not boring job. I have learned that I could not have been farther from the truth!
I love walking dogs, but I have enough strange stories to fill a novel.”

“Strange stories” he said.

And strange stories he had.

“What strange stories are you talking about?”
“Oh gosh, I don’t even know where to start!


“Well, there was the time when I first met Maverick the boston terrier.
“He got so excited when I tried to leash him that he flipped on his back and peed out of excitement… And all this somehow landed on top of my head and shoulders.
“I freaked out and tried to wash my hair and arms in the sink, which didn’t work too well.
Haven’t done that to Maverick since.”



“Another time, I was walking Guinness, and a guy stopped me to compliment Guinness.
“All fine and normal, but then he tried to sell me drugs.”



“Then there are all the times that I didn’t realized the owners were home.
“I read a lot of scientific articles about dogs, and studies show that dogs really enjoy when people talk to them, even if they don’t know what is being said…
“So, I talk to the dogs I’m walking when no one is around. A lot.
“It’s always weird when the owner walks in on me chatting with their dog.”



“One time, I had a guy approach me while I was walking Dion the Weimaraner.
“Asked if I would be willing to walk dogs under the table — like there’s some sort of black market for dog walking.
“He wanted me to do appointments outside of PupWalkr for cheaper than he would pay through PupWalkr.
“He was much more insistent than the drug dealer and I didn’t like that. I said no.”


“Once, an owner told me to feed them and then cut the walk short. I thought that meant to walk them for less than 30 minutes, not to feed them and then immediately leave.
“She told me I had to leave early ‘so her husband wouldn’t see me,’ which I found very odd.
“As I was leaving, her husband saw me pull out of the driveway as he was pulling in.
“I mentioned this to my boyfriend, who guessed that maybe the owner claimed to be walking her dogs as a cover for going to see a secret lover while I actually did the dog walking. And because I was seen, the husband found out that his wife was not actually walking her dogs.
“It isn’t my business, but to this day, I’m not totally certain that I didn’t ruin a marriage…”
“These are just a few of the stories I’ve accumulated while working for PupWalkr.
“Overall, I’d say walking dogs is a lot more interesting than I thought it would be.”

There you have it. The life of a walkr at PupWalkr.

“Thanks Caden. Close us out please.”

Stop trying to sell Caden drugs, y’all.

[But you do want to buy drugs, you definitely shouldn’t check out the PupWalkr site]

Meet the Walkr (#1): Caden C

Let’s creep on the walkrs

Now… I know you all like looking at those walkr pictures on our site (link). I also know you all like reading the random stuff I write about them on that page. But apparently that’s not enough for some people.

So continuing with this blog’s mission of breaking the 4th wall, let’s start a new series.

Meet the Walkr” will feature various walkr interviews and convince you to let these strangers into your home, completely unsupervised, and touch your dog.

Why have a meet and greet when you can read a blog post about them, amiright?!

Let’s start here:

Ladies and gentlemen meet Caden.

“Caden, tell us about yourself.”
“I am a senior at Georgia Tech. I am majoring in International Affairs and minoring in Global Development.”
“Any hobbies?”
“I collect all sorts of video games! My oldest console is an original Atari from 1980.
My favorite is either my Nintendo GameCube or my Nintendo 64.”
“What is something you want strangers on the internet to know about you?”
“I am the biggest dog person you will ever meet!
I rescued my own dog in March of 2016. She is my pride and joy! I even have an entire Instagram page devoted to all my pictures of her!”

If in the mood for creepin: instagram.com/life_with_chihiro

“What is your favorite memory with PupWalkr?”
“Literally every memory of meeting a new dog! I love having the chance to walk new dogs.
Each dog has such a unique personality and I’m always happy to get to know a new dog!”
“How have things in your life changed since you started working with PupWalkr?”
“Other than adopting my own dog, not much has changed! I am still working on my degree at Georgia Tech, only now I am closer to graduating!”
“What’s something you’ve learned in your time at PupWalkr?”
“Initially, I thought walking dogs would be a pretty normal, if not boring job.
I have learned that I could not have been farther from the truth! I love walking dogs, but I have enough strange stories to fill a novel.
Every time I tell my mother anything about work, she tells me I should do standup and talk about all the weird things I have experienced while walking dogs.”

Note: Caden has an entire post (coming soon) dedicated to these stories. He does not know about the post so read it before he makes me take it down.

“What is some advice you’d like to give to the new walkrs starting out?”
“No two dogs are alike. Make sure you are trying to get to know the dogs you walk so that you remember how to interact with them in the future.
You have to be able to adapt to meet the needs of each dog you care for. It’s an extremely rewarding job, and the dogs really appreciate you!”
“What is your least favorite thing?”
“People who deny the existence of Bigfoot.”

Long live the king


Thanks as always for the awesome work you do Caden.

Find Caden (and others) at the world famous PupWalkr Site

The First Four Walkrs

Or “How PupWalkr became an actual company”

Ok. So Let me start by admitting that these weren’t actually the first four walkrs. More like #3 — #6. But “the first four” makes for such a better title.
Rule #1 of writing: “Lie immediately to your readers to assert dominance.”
Now that we’re clear who’s in charge...


Many of you that used PupWalkr in its early days will recognize the faces below.

That’s because these four below were our only walkrs for a very long time. And it’s with their help that PupWalkr grew from a weekend project into a real(ish) company.

First came Cory


The Starbucks barista with aspirations of becoming an actor. No professional animal experience whatsoever, but so damn fun on his phone interview. I hired him on the spot.

Friendly. Kind. Positive.

He became the first of many to show me that being a good person counts for more than an impressive resume.

(NOTE: I need to mention that his picture above is not photoshopped. He actually glows like that in real life.)

Accidental Renaissance

Accidental Renaissance

Then cane


She finished her undergrad at UNC and was back home for the summer. Before applying for grad school she joined the small team and became a crowd favorite.

Last I heard, she was at the University of Chicago for her masters degree in Appalachian feminist literature. A free walk credit to the person that can name a more specific branch of writing.

Ali taught me to care our walkrs as people. That everyone has their own hopes and dreams, and all the flavors of insecurities that come with.

(Fun fact: Ali had the best bangs I’d seen since Ringo Starr)


Third was Hannah M


Our first hire with actual professional dog experience. Her years of vet tech-ing and running her own dog walking business turned her into the total badass I met that day. Some of us called her “mom” though I don’t think she ever knew that. Some of us really meaning me.

Hannah M taught me not to f*#k with Hannah M.

No, I’m kidding. She’s really sweet. Anyone looking to hire Hannah in the future, don’t read this.

(Fun story time: On one of Hannah’s walks, she locked the keys inside the house. She called me. I had the flu. Went out to help anyways.

All that happened was we sat outside together until the owner came home. Hannah — if you ever wondered why I was in a sweater on that 95 degree day.)

And lastly, (the other) Hannah


She came to us by way of Cory. The two of them were best friends. Or roommates. Something like that.

Hannah L was a UGA graduate with a heart of actual gold. She worked with the Extra Special People group in college and was on her way to join the Peace Corps.

Hannah L taught me that, because someone looks like Kristen Schaal doesn’t mean you have to point out they look like Kristen Schaal.




(Wait wait, here it is: Hannah was dating Cory’s roommate, who was Cory’s best friend, who was dating Hannah’s roommate, who was Hannah’s best friend.)

In all seriousness, I learned a lot from these four. They showed me the kind of company I wanted to build and the type of people I wanted to build it with.

None of the four are on the platform anymore, but I’ll be checking in with them. So follow up posts coming soon!

Assuming any of them answer my emails.

Bonus content!

Remember how weird it was to see your teachers outside of school as a kid?

Well here’s the team doing a thing outside of work. Ali couldn’t join us but we (I) still got plenty drunk.


A huge thanks to each of you.

[PupWalkr Dog Walking is a company that you pay to have people professionally break into your home. A dog walk may or may not happen somewhere in there. Click this link so we can get a better google score please: PupWalkr]