Introducing PupWalkr sitting and overnight!


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1. What's the difference between a sitter and a walkr?

A walk has an on-demand and exercise focus around your pup. Our sitting service will extend beyond the traditional walk, including home security, mail delivery, and trash pickup. We think this will be much better in those times when you need to leave your pup at home for a long time. 

2. What's included in a sitting?

Services available with a sitter are as follows:

- Walks
- Mail delivery
- Trash pickup
- Feeding
- Check door locks
- Check windows
- Turn home lights on or off
- Alarm system requests

Your sitter will care for any other pets for an additional $5 per.

Each booking with a sitter will be for a 30 minute window with 1-hr extensions available. You may choose to request your sitter do any or all of the services available, as long as it does not exceed your booking window. 

3. What's included in an overnight?

Your overnight sitting will include a night time walk ~9pm, feeding, pre-night rituals for your pup, a sitter staying overnight at your home with your pup, and a morning walk ~8am.  

And as always, live picture updates are sent consistently through the sitter's stay. 

4. What does it cost?

Sitting: $25 / 30 minute visit

Overnight: $65 / visit

5. How do I book a sitter?

Because the service is still very new to us, simply send us an email or give us a call! We will handle each request manually. All we need are the date/time of your departure and return, number of walks requested in a day, and any additional home services. 

Once your request is in, we will assign the service providers to your appointments based on your trend of past preferred walkrs (if available). 

Please note that sitting or overnight bookings must be scheduled 48 hours in advance.