Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is PupWalkr?

PupWalkr is your reliable, on-demand dog walking and sitting service, home grown right here in Atlanta. Whether you are on a phone or computer, you can send a pet professional to your pup with just a few clicks! Our customers are able to schedule an appointment just 60 minutes before they need it and have an insured, bonded, and vetted PupWalkr dog walker ("Walkr") or sitter at their home

2. How much does it cost?

You have the option of buying a Single Walk for $20 or a package of 20 walks for $13 each. Sitting services are available for $25 per visit and come with all of the on demand flexibility of a walk, meaning you can schedule or cancel appointments up until just 60 minutes before the appointment time!

Overnight services are ~12 hr stays in your home for $60.

Travel packages are also available for when you leave town, and are built custom for your specicific needs during that trip.  

Refer to our Pricing page for more info.

3. Who are the Walkrs?

All of our Walkrs are experienced animal handlers that meet (or exceed) the following qualifications: animal handling experience, animal behavior experience, passed a FCRA background check, passed our vetting process, and passed our in-person training course.

All of our Walkrs are fully insured, bonded, vetted, and trained by us, and fewer than 2% of applicants are chosen to join the PupWalkr platform.

For more on our Walkrs, click HERE.

4. How will the Walkr or sitter access my residence?

For your door, you can:
- Hide your key and describe its location in your profile notes.
- Put your key in a lockbox near the door.
- Approve a key release for PupWalkr at your front desk (if applicable).
- Describe another method you’d prefer to use in your notes section.

For your gate, you can:
- Approve a key release for PupWalkr through us or directly with your front office
- Give us your gate code call box #
- Give us a key fob (by hiding it or storing it in an accessible lockbox)
- Choose another method that you prefer

5. Will it be the same Walkr or sitter every time?

PupWalkr is a peer-to-peer platform. While we cannot guarantee the same provider every time, you have the ability to choose your Walkr or sitter. So, if you book far enough in advance, you can lock in your favorite person! Every provider has been vetted by PupWalkr, background checked, and given best practice guidelines to deliver you the best service possible. To see some of our current team, please see our Walkr and sitter profile page HERE.

6. What does On-Demand mean for me?

We've built PupWalkr to fit around your life, so you can schedule a new walk/sitting or cancel an existing walk/sitting up until 60 minutes before the appointment time with no penalty whatsoever. This is easily done online directly through our scheduling interface!
If you need to cancel under the 1 hour limit, you can reach out to us and let us know. But, it will still count as a completed service as your Walkr or sitter would already be en route and should be compensated.

7. How long are the walk/sitting visits?

The visits are completely catered to your individual pup. Whether your pup prefers to spend the entire time running around outside, or coming back inside quickly for their daily fill of belly rubs, our team members will watch for their behavior and ensure your pup gets the visit they want!

Each visit lasts for up to 30 minutes, but the actual time may vary based upon factors specific to your housing situation.

Factors that may affect the length of the actual walk:

1. If your actual residence is a long distance from the parking spots you designate.
2. If your front office takes longer than 5 minutes to get our walkr a key (for key releases).
3. If you do not answer the Walkr's call on the call box or if your call box is not functioning properly.
4. If your pup is difficult to either get on the leash, or settle back inside.
5. If your pup has made a mess in your residence, and the Walkr has chosen to clean it up on your behalf.

Please remember that our Walkrs/sitters are booked for several visits in a row, and cannot be delayed. If any of the above mentioned things happen on a visit, it is up to the discression of the Walkr/sitter as to when they start the time for the 30 minute visit.

8. What is the 45 Minute Range for the appointments?

The 45 Minute Range applies to the walks and sittings, and specifies the interval of time that our Walkrs have to pick up the pup. This gives our Walkrs the time they need to properly care for each pup and settle them back in after every visit.

No matter when the Walkr arrives, and as long as there are no issues with access, your pup will still get a full 30 minutes to themselves!

9. What if my dog has special needs?

All of our visits are catered individually to your pup. Special needs above walking, refreshing water, and feedings must be booked as a sitting appointment. You'll be able to leave detailed notes in your online profile, and your sitters will have the notes at their fingertips!

10. What if I have multiple dogs?

Our prices are for one dog, but each additional dog owned by you that is added to the visit is just $5 more!

For walks, the dogs should be well socialized together and should be able to comfortably walk together. If the two dogs have different walking preferences (active vs slow), our Walkr will cater the walk for the slower and more passive dog unless otherwise noted.

To add your new dog(s) to each visit, you can just update your notes to include them as our Walkrs will also let us know. We then apply the $5 fee per visit at the end of each week based on how many walks or sittings you booked (no need to worry about using partial credits)!

Multiple users may also choose to have their dogs walked together (yay for buddy walks!). This must be requested via email, so we can properly set it up (, and it will simply use a single credit from each owner.

11. Will my dog be walked with others?

Unless requested by you and the other owner, your pup will be walked and cared for separately from all other requests. A full 30 minutes of attention just for your pup!

12. How do I add credits to my account?

Walks can be purchased individually or in bundles. Remember to use the same email that you use for your account when checking out. That way, the walks you purchase are automatically added to your account and ready for use! You can visit our purchasing page HERE.

13. Am I restricted to a maximum or minimum number of walks or sittings I can schedule in a week?

You can schedule your walks or sittings as frequently or infrequently as you wish. We will never restrict you to a minimum or maximum number of uses over any span of time.

For our walk package, once the walk credits are on your account, they will be available to you for up to 12 months, so use them at your leisure!

14. How do I get started?

All new customers can try out our service completely risk free because your first walk or sitting on the platform comes with a money back guarantee!

Add walk/sitting credits to your account, set up an access method (written in your notes section), and book your first service using the "Get Started" link in the nav bar above. If you are not completely satisfied after your first service, PupWalkr will refund you the FULL amount of your order.

15. How does the money back guarantee work?

Your first walk or sitting comes with a money back guarantee. A representative will reach out after your first visit to follow up with how things went. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the service for any reason, we will happily refund you the full amount of your order! Please also feel free to email us after your first visit if you are unhappy, and we will take care of it for you!

Please note that Travel Care and Sleepovers are not subject to the first-visit money back guarantee.

16. Do you have insurance?


All of our Walkrs and sitters are insured and bonded for any property damage, bodily injury, pet injury, key loss, and medical expenses. We take safety seriously, and our insurance policy is extremely comprehensive to reflect that for both you and your pup.

17. How do I use PupWalkr?

Everything is handled online! Purchase your desired service HERE, then follow the booking steps listed for your chosen service. Just remember to use the same email address when creating your scheduling account that you use when you check out!

Or, you can go straight to your zip code's scheduling page from the drop down menu under the "Book Here" link at the top of this website. From there, you can follow the scheduling interface and handle booking and payment all at once.

During the scheduling process, you'll set up an access method for your residence (front desk key release, gate code, realtor lockbox, etc.) so the Walkrs can get to your pup. There will be a form to fill out, and you can leave any notes you'd like!

As long as you have your details like parking, access method, room location, etc. ready to go, you can get started with a walk or sitting today!

And remember, your first walk or sitting is completely risk free! If you are unhappy with it for any reason, we will happily refund you the full amount of your order.

Call us if you have any additional questions. We're happy to talk to you!