Meet the team


The Founders


David Choi

Past experience in business development, management, and operations with HM Wallace. Now spends his days finding people to walk your dogs.

Likes: Bread and watermelon

Dislikes: Decorative furniture (like the kind you see in hotel lobbies)

Alex Han

Former investment banker at Suntrust Robinson Humphrey with experience in finance and sales. Alex spends his days looking for people that need help taking their dogs out.

Likes: Hiking, dogs, and hiking with dogs. 

Dislikes: Bread or watermelon. Individually or mixed together.


Our Story

Without getting too into the details, PupWalkr was started out of necessity. We worked long hours, had dogs, and needed a way to take them out. There were no services in the market that let us book a dog walker the way we wanted to, so we just made our own.

You ever seen what an apartment looks like after two 70 lbs+ dogs have been in it for 12 hrs straight? 

Book online. Cancel when you want to. No penalty fee. And super awesome dog walkrs. We think it's pretty neato.